Cinema vérité / Documentary shake

A small little neat feature I would love to see in IF, is the Cinema Vértité effect.

Oh what’s that, you don’t speak french?
Cinema Vértité is translated into “truthful filmmaking” and is another way to say documentaries.

But Mats, what does this have to do with IF? I’m gonna flag this post rn

Before you do that, let me explain how this would be totally awesome.

A cinema vertite effect would add just a little bit of camera shake to the screen. Just to give it that “documentary” feel, without the super-steady camera. Want to feel like you’re out spotting? Turn on cinema vertite!

Making a video? Turn on cinema vertite!

Wanna feel like you’re actually there on the runway with no security clearance? Turn on cinema vertite!

Hijacking an airpl… Okay i’ll stop there.

What do you guys think? comment below!



Eh, simulators aren’t really known for their cinematographic perceptions, wouldn’t mind it tho


Sounds nice :)

It´s like the moving camera in the A320, B747 cockpits isn´t it?

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Also, maybe you can adjust the amount of shaking and blur

What’s the purpose of it? I don’t like shaking cameras.


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Cool idea, not sure I’d use it much. Could be nice in spotting videos, though.

I like the idea

It’s “cinéma vérité” ._.


I see now that it’s kinda hard to explain… hmm

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