Cinco de Mayo Trip Pt. 2 (Return)

After Cinco de Mayo, it’s time to return to St. Louis as we left Mexico City at 7:55 AM and landed in Cancun Mexico by almost 10:00 AM. And then We left a little bit late for our return flight to our final destination St. Louis and made it early today. So today, we had a smooth ride on both flights and now the vacation is over. Here are the shots.

First Flight: Aeromexico Airlines Flight 508 - Mexico City to Cancún 🇲🇽
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
Origin: Mexico City International Airport (MMMX)
Destination: Cancún International Airport (MMUN)
Flight Time: 2hrs 15mins
Server: Expert

Ready to board on Aeromexico Flight 508 early in the morning to Cancún for our connection to return to St. Louis at Terminal 2 Gate 67

A beautiful sunrise takeoff from Mexico City Airport RWY 5R. Peace Out Mexico City! See u next time

1 hour later, we have reached our cruising altitude FL350 with the clouds below us. Amazing view as the flight attendants come through the cabin with the cart full of snacks and beverages to have onboard. Time for a quick nap with bubble gum after until descent.

In the next 45 minutes, we are now on final RWY 12R. Flight attendants, it is time to prepare for a smooth touchdown to Cancún 🇲🇽.

And we are here at our arrival gate Terminal 4 Gate 54 at Cancún International Airport. It is now time to transfer to our final gate to head home. Let’s go. What a great flight it was!

Final Flight: Frontier Airlines Flight 87 - 🇲🇽 Cancún to St. Louis 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Airbus A320-231
Origin: Cancún International Airport (MMUN)
Destination: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)
Flight Time: 3hrs 30mins
Server: Expert

Time to start boarding our International Flight back to St. Louis at Terminal 4 Gate 55 on the Frontier Hugh the Manatee Livery. I’m about to cry 😭 cuz we are heading home. No worries, we had a great time at Mexico for Cinco de Mayo. Let’s go!

Taxied to RWY 12R and now we were airborne. What a fun takeoff with that powerful launch after the engine spool. But anyways, I would like to say goodbye to Mexico as we leave the country heading back to the USA 🇺🇸. We will come back again soon.

1hr and 30mins later, we have reached our cruising altitude and now entered the USA 🇺🇸, flying at FL360 through Louisiana after the Gulf of Mexico, which is south of us, as we head north. Again, I had a long nap with my favorite music playing along with our American snacks and drinks onboard.

My ears started hurting once we descended once we reached Missouri. And now we have made a left turn onto final RWY 30R @ STL. So folks, as we can see that I am familiar with my area which is North of us approaching our airport.

And we finally made it home safely in gods hands. Thank you for traveling with me to Mexico City to celebrate the 3D buildings of the 21.1 Open Beta. Again, the IF devs did a great job. We have arrived at Terminal 2 Gate E29 and now have to proceed to the US Custom Boarder/Immigration and then Baggage Claim.

Once again, I would like to Thank You for flying with me to Mexico City to celebrate the special Mexican Independence Day called, Cinco de Mayo.


Cool Photos 😄

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Awesome photos. I always love reading your topics because they are so creative.

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Mexican independance day is september 15-16 btw

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@MIGUEL_ORIGEL_SOBERO the 15 is my birthday

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Oh nice, happy early birthday

Oh, well I did the Cinco de Mayo trip already

how bout you do one for the 16th?
oh also Mexicans don’t really celebrate cinco de mayo we actually really dont care about it because the french ended up winning anyways

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Oh really. I did not know that Mexicans don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo because what I was thinking the whole time was that every time it is Cinco de Mayo, it reminds me that it is Mexican’s Independence Day where I virtually travel to Mexico to celebrate it.

im gonna do RKSI-MMMX the 16th for the independance day

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Good for you