Cinco De mayo Flight!

Hello! yesterday was Cinco De Mayo and i kinda wanted to create this topic on Cinco De Mayo but i couldn’t so imma be doing it today so here the photos!


flight time: 3:09
livery:aeromexico Chrome

1.B757 sitting at gate boarding passengers, loading cargo, loading fuel and others!

2.taxing to Runway 23L while a delta B717 departing on Runway 23R!

3.Lift off!

4.lady and gentlemans this is your captain speaking we reach are cruising altitude we turning off the seatbelt sign!

5.we turning left based of Runway 25L and the seatbelt sign is on(ofc)

6.flaring over the runway!

7.holding short runway 25R waiting clearance to cross the runway while a b777 is lifting off!

8.sitting at the Gate and complete the Cinco De mayo flight!

I hope you like the photos!😊

Happy Belated Cinco De Mayo!! Great shots!! Liked the sixth one especially:)


Fun fact: The world celebrates Cinco de Mayo more than Mexicans do


Huh who would’ve thought

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Are you pulling my leg?
Great photos!

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Great pictures I love picture 7 the most thanks for sharing!

Oh wow!!!🛫

Great photos!

Yep, lol

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