"Cinco De Mayo” | AeroMexico CYYZ-MMMX |

Today is Cinco De Mayo, I planned a flight to fly to Mexico City to celebrate Cinco De Mayo
Airline: AeroMexico
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
Flight Number: 693
Flight Time: 5hrs 5mins
Server: Expert

Parked at the gate ready to pushback
Taking off from CYYZ Liftoff RWY 24R Turn around to go back to CYYZ Touchdown for emergency Off to Mexico CityGear Up Cruising FL360 Approach to MMMX Arrival at Gate




A little dark, but nice pictures! What was the emergency?

@Mr-plane-guy1, I had to refuel my plane because it was at 67% and I do not want to land the plane and I run out of fuel.

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