Chungus Planes

WARNING this is meant to be a joke not be taken seriously thank you ;)

Anyway I would love to put more funny’s in IFC So eventually I did big chungus like planes in this so It’s gonna be great and big chungus is one of my favorite memes in 2020 so far

All flights are in solo

Not really Chungus but atleast it’s a Widebody

Almost chungus

Being medium chungus

Almost Big chungus


And here it is our Chungus we love and it’s beautiful

lol :D hope you like these Maybe not


Ight but Big Chungus was like 2 years ago


It’s still alive somehow :/ (mostly reddit, YouTube and twitter that I use)


an interesting topic and a great meme that did not last long :(


Well it kinda did

You know “Chungus” doesn’t really have a definition, so widebodies can’t really be referred to as “Chungus.” Besides, the meme died forever ago.

Well RIP my sense of humor then :/ I thought it be good to send it outside of reddit and twitter

It was an okay idea, just don’t send anything else outside of Reddit, that place is weird.

ChungWHat !! ??

I had to google it:

Chungus is a meme featuring a chunky version of the cartoon character Bugs Bunny, typically captioned Big Chungus . It began as gaming joke that spread online as a slang term for anything “(adorably) chunky,” similar to chonky.


“Videos must be of thoughtful content. ‘Meme videos’ are not permitted“ Low quality meme photos allowed