Chromecast with iOS

What would it take for that to be available? Like most things, $$ ? Or is it a programing issue that takes a back seat to going Global?

What exactly are you asking?

Standby guys, I got this.

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What do you mean by “chromecast”? Live streaming?

Can IF be an app that can be Chromecast like many other ios apps?

I don’t think so. Apple TV is the only one I have used but I see no point in it because all your controls are on the device anyway.

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$999.99 (cash) into my bank account.

Joking aside, this isn’t something that I believe is possible with the Chromecast SDK, as it seems to only support media (photos/videos) on iOS as opposed to mirroring like on Android. Sorry I can’t bring better news.


Chromecast, while the device still goes by that name, the app that controls it does not. The app goes by the name Google Home. I’m not sure if it’s currently on the app store, however there are a couple ways to cast your screen onto your television. Some apps already have the compatibility built in and there is just a simple icon that you touch to cast your screen. I think just about any app that is either owned by or partnered with google, has the feature.

For apps that don’t have the feature, there is another way to cast anything else that you are doing. That option is to cast your entire screen to the television. This can only be found within the Google Home app. Where it shows your connected devices, click on the chromecast you want to use (if you have multiple) and there will be an option to cast your entire screen. Press it. Now what this does is exactly what it says, it displays whatever is on your phone screen to the TV and doesn’t stop unless you go into your notifications bar or back to Google Home and press “stop casting.”

I hope this helps.

Edit: thanks Cameron for the functionality post. I dont have apple products. I figured it would be the same. But I guess not…

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