Chromecast to Infinite flight

I just purchased a tv with chrome cast in the software and I have no idea how to connect my phone( it’s an apple) too chrome cast any idea?
I want to be able to mirror my phone to infinite flight

If you play IF on a Google device, you can cast the home screen, and in that way, cast IF. The IF app itself doesn’t support chrome cast.
Just read you’ve got an Apple. In that case: you’re toast.


A converter and an HDMI cord will solve your problem

I recommend downloading the Google Home App. (You should already have it since you have a Chromecast)

Once you download it, sign into the account you used for the Chromecast, and it should pop up. Click “mirror device”, and it should allow you to cast Infinite Flight to your TV. However, there will be some latency, as it is a wireless connection. If you prefer no latency, I recommend connecting your phone to your TV via a HDMI cable.


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