Chromecast Tablet To Monitor

Please Help ! , I have the Samsung Tab E set up to the Dell monitor with Chromecast problem is Infinite Flight runs about 1 minute slower on my monitor, I been working on this for 15 hours ??? what am I not doing right ?

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That’s what’s chrome cast does as you are streaming over the Internet, I would try a micro USB to a VGA adaptor or to HDMI. Whatever your dell has and Google if it works

I did try to run a strait hdmi and it still wouldn’t show up on the monitor

I don’t know then, there will always be a delay and actually you will find that using the tablet is better in my case as I also had a delay with the Apple TV

So did I waste $ thinking I would be able to fly in real speed & time getting this monitor? Or is there a way to make this work? Should I not use the Chromecast ?

Yeah I don’t think it will ever work how you want it to, is he delay one minute or is that exaggeration. It should be around a few seconds either way it’s pretty useless unless you have a yoke as you have to use your tablet anyway to control the plane

I do have a Logitech joystick and I’m really getting into I/F and trying to make it more realistic. It is about a minute delay. I don’t have any recourse other than take it back to the store?

Can you be more specific on what a micro sub is?

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I have changed it for you, damn spellcheck 😂. If th delay is longer then a few seconds your internet could also be to blame as its streaked to the monitor via WIFI

I cast IF on my TV with Chromecast from my Note 5 and +/- 21MB WiFi connection, no latency issues.

But again, I found that if other apps are running in the background, there is latency so your tablet might be a problem here.

Is anything else plugged in to the monitor except power and the chromecast input?

And is the 1 minute lagging visuals smooth and constant, or laggy / stuttering?

Nothing else is plugged into the monitor and it is laggy & shuttering

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Hey guys, I just wanted to touch base and thank you all for all of your great help and input in my dilemma with my tablet & monitor issue. It has been resolved to no avail, the monitor went back to Best Buy. Come to find out my tablet is not compatable to be able to mirror on any device. So once again thank you community for all of your help, I’m new at all this…so, until next time.

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