Chromebook takes flight

Background to photos:

I have just, I saw that flying on chromebooks was just such a random and impossible thing. I wanted to just see “Is it even possible” the most unorthadox take off in history. Complete auto pilot. I set altitude and heading but setting VS just resulted in a early stall. So stave off the VS until you reach take off speed then set it to about 100 - 200 (for a Cessna 172) then boom. Unfortunately I set my altitude too high (or the game simply broke…) And the plane lost A/P and stumbled towards the ground. However, in those ten seconds of flight I never felt a such feeling of flying a plane.

Edit: Better picture^^^

Solo Servern No route VFR, 12 PM

I know we are not supposed to have HUD, but given the circumstances that I defied all manners of flight possibilities, I felt this overwhelming feeling to share it with the community even for just comedic purposes. But if not, let me know and I will remove this post.


Hey, You did a great shot on that photo but the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos states that you cant have the interface showing and you have it showing in your photo. I would recommend reading this over again that covers the rules so you posts don’t get closed
I really enjoyed the photo and looking forward to seeing more :)

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Nice Picture! I’m a bit confused though. Did you get Infinite Flight on a chromebook? I didn’t know that was possible

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Through the playstore yes, the application works but there obviously no yoke control.

However, theres a setting in RFS called “Virtual Joystick” that you can use but thats irrelevant.

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I’m well aware of the guidelines. I simply cared more about capturing the laptop rather than the plane itself which holds little to no importance in this subject. Close it if you wish.

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