Chromebook compatibility

Before the update, infinite flight simulator used to work in my Acer Chromebook. After the new update, it shows it's no longer compatible. Any plans to make it work with Chromebooks as well? it would be great

Nope, I don´t know about Acers but I gave it a try on my Samsung Chromebook and it works nice (you need to fold and play it on tablet mode not on computer mode otherwise it gives error). It worked but I hated because it became too heavy to carry the entire chromebook for flying on I.F. Unless they release a Linux or ChromeOS version specifically I think it is not useful… Two days ago a new update came to chrome os, so make sure you have that update and try again.

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Infinite Flight doesn’t officially support Chromebooks, and there are no plans to add support so don’t expect it to stay updated properly and without bugs.

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Ok, thank you

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