Chrome Aeromexico Boeing 737-700 (XA-VAM)

Hello, As you may know, we have the 737 but in the actual livery, so this request is for the Aeromexico Boeing 737-700 but the Chrome Livery. This must be a nice addition to the classic fleet.


Note: Please let’s have a civil conversation, let’s not accuse and attack. We not only have to respect the Staff and Mods, he have to respect everyone and also, with ourselves.

Let’s get it boys. Classic style on

Bump… :)

It would be a worthy farewell to that livery that has already been retired…

Aeromexico´s Fleet needs an update, it feels like no one cares about chrome new liveries.


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Thanks for your support :)

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Giving this a bump. I’d love to see this get added!

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I flew this aircraft twice but im out of votes and I rather have the 738 but it’s still beautiful.

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I wish we could see this classic livery, amx did so many amazing flights with this livery, I hope to see it in a near future.


that looks so good!

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I’ve flown on this livery before!

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Oh… ¡Voted! I flew the other plane