Christmas trip report!

Hey guys! Its been a little bit since I have made a topic. I just traveled yesterday on the 767-400 to spend time with family for the holidays so I would like to share my trip today! Route: IAH-EWR

First off we went to the united club to chill and watch the planes land.

Here was our plane that came in from our destination from EWR.

Then we walk to our gate at C8

When we boarded the plane I got to meet the pilots and sit in the captains seat!

This was my seat and the view at the gate

Of course we have the cringy airline safety video


Then 2 of the most beautiful cruise shots

Then we landed and heres the gate shot

Thanks for viewing! I had a pretty good flight and the flight time was not bad at all with about 2:45 of cruise.


Amazing photos! Wow your lucky you convinced the pilots to let you go up into the cockpit, I have done that a few times! It is awesome! Merry Christmas!


It’s always fun to go up to the cockpit and check things out. Next time though, please please please PLEASE ask the flight attendants for one of those little wings that you can pin against your shirt to let kids “be a part” of the crew.

Nice pictures, and happy holidays and have a great new year! May 2023 bring nothing but good fortune and memories.

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Thank you so much! It was fun, and merry Christmas to you too!

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Yeah it is always fun. And yes I will ask them next time and hopefully I dont forget. Happy holidays!

I couldn’t add more pics for the topic so here are the rest I had.

Heres the united lounge that we stayed at for a little bit

Then we have speed bird taxing from LHR

Nice cabin lights during the flight. Very romantic

Then of course the landing. Its kinda blurry because I was really tired but its the best I could do. It was a decent landing but not butter. Sry pilots hopefully your not seeing this

Lastly I have a pic of 787 dreamliner at the gate next to us. I thought it was cool

If only my my confidence would allow me to do such things


The flight crew love it, a lovely captain let me go in, and gave me and my brother free M&M, it was spirit too so i took half of their budget


Your foul for saying



Nice photos!! Lmao the cringy safety video tho

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Yeah its always nice to meet them

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Yeah it was very cringe but what ever. I guess it supposed to be

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Sat in the captains seat and took half their revenue. Its a long story but we missed our original flight cuz spirit was late, so we missed out connecting flight to LGA. So they got us another flight the next day, so I had to spend the night in Ft Lauderdale. Its a whole story


Just landed back at IAH! Here are some of my pics

I flew on a 737-900 back home

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