Christmas Tree

Hello everyone!
As many of you know, Christmas and New Year will be very very soon. And soon many people will think about about buying a Christmas tree. But what will be if developers add Christmas Tree in Infinite Flight?!

The idea to create this topic came to me recently. I decided that it is an interesting idea and some people can support it. I think it would be great to see New Year Tree in Infinite Flight during Christmas and New Year period.

I suggest to locate it near AT24 airport. The airport located in Antarctica. So you can spawn there and taxi a bit to the Christmas Tree.

In the version 18.5 developers added cool city sounds. You can hear it on the ground with stopped engines.
So maybe it can be possible to developers to add some Christmas music around the Christmas Tree.

Night mode:
The most beautiful Christmas tree - at night time! Just imagine how beautiful it will look in IF!

Time limits
Unfortunately this Christmas Tree will be relevant only during holidays. Developers can remove after 10th January for example.

Why do we need it?

First of all to celebrate this two great holidays! People can organize events and fly to the place where this tree located.

Also for developers it can be helpful to test how 3D objects work with big amount of players. It can be the first 3D static object added to Infinity Flight.

Would you like to see Christmas Tree in Infinite Flight?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t know yet

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Hey, this is a pretty cool and original idea! Ill be sure to vote for it 😊 It would be a cool little easter egg to find.


This is a great idea! Would be fun to be with 100+ aircraft next to the tree :)

And sing with the discord server christmas songs 🤪

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And global voice chat to let all pilots sing together 😂👍


Thanks for voting!

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Isn’t this a bit late, just after the update?

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I would be afraid if I saw a floating tree lol


The idea came to me few days ago. I didn’t know that A-10 update will be now 😂

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This is really neat idea! I wish IF could put easter eggs like this all over global!


EGG1 requesting vectors straight to AT24 airport 😉


Is the EGG1 part a joke?

Yes. Hope everyone will understand lol.

My friend, I think you confused the forum. This forum is about a flight simulator for mobile devices; The Sims is in another forum.


Come on! Enter in the spirit! 🎄


Kkkkkkkk The Sims was great if we have no building and no rain since we have an aircraft with windshield… will have Christmas tree kkkkk has to be zueira and nor is BR

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It’s actually pretty original! Me gusta!
In Ivalo they have Trees in the ramp when It’s christmas, right next to the aircrafts! @The_Greatest_Basket told me that!

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What a disastrous beauty that would be

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Not needed. to much of a hassle for the developers to add in,remove,mange bugs,glitches,and music.

I like this idea my favourite time of year as well

It’s unrealistic and weird but it could be a cool Easter egg.