Christmas gift

My dad really enjoys flying on his iPad. Looking for ideas to enhance his experience on IF. Does a controller or joystick connect with the iPad? Any ideas welcome and appreciated!


If you have a computer, you csn connect it through something called liveflight, im not sure how to do it tho so you could maybe find a tutorial on youtube

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I have paired an Xbox Controller to my device once, it was hard to understand how to use it but I got the hang of it for a little bit.

I am pretty sure that a Joystick will connect, I am going to find a couple topics on that.

Hopefully these will help!


this might not be a christmas Gift per se but he could join a VA/VO(Virtual Airline/Organization)
to enhance his IF experience ;)


Wait for few more days for this beauty 🤪🥸

I’ve found that program to not work with the latest IF and iPadOS versions

Doesnt look like it is iPad compatible?

You connect it through a computer

Hey there!

Depending on what your father is wishing for, and how much he specifically enjoys Infinite Flight I would suggest taking a look on the Infinite Flight Store for some branded merchandise of this flight simulator.

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U can connect it via third party apps via pc.

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