Christmas gift

As Christmas is getting close I have to decide for a gift.

  • New laptop 💻 (for xplane,fortnite…)
  • New IPad (for IF.Mine keeps crashing

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Thank u all for the answer. Have a good December


A laptop…
for xplane… good luck with that

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Yeah your going to need a bit more than a laptop. I have a MSI gaming laptop which is around $1000 aud. If you are getting a Apple computer for Xplane forget it don’t bother. Apple computers are know to be the worst to run games.

You’ll either need a high end PC or a high end laptop like mine.

Yeah if you want a good experience go for high end low end would suck probably laggy aswell.

You can’t play Infinite Flight on a Laptop. And as this is an Infinite Flight Community: Definitely the iPad! 🥳

Playing Infinite Flight without crashes is so much better than playing with crashes!