Christmas Flying!

Surprisingly this year I’m off from work today into new year’s , but a friend of mine had a trip pop up and he needed someone to right seat for him. Luckily, he’s an awesome guy and a blast to fly with.

Today we are flying the ancient CJ1. The perks of being citation typed is you can fly all versions from 1- 4 making it one of the best type ratings to get in the corporate world imho.

Today we are bringing a couple and their two kids to visit their family for Christmas. As a result we are making the cockpit as festive as can be on this trip. Gotta love Part91 flying.

Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas with their family and just keep the ones who can’t do the same beacuse of their job (doctors, nurses, police, firefighters and obviously pilots and many more ;)


Merry Christmas. To celebrate my new year, I’m going to fly down to the famous aerobatic academy and do some flying. Should be a great start to the year


That’s awesome! Post pics if you can :)

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Merry Christmas! (Are those lights legal lol?)

I’ll be flying on Jan 11th so I’ll try to snap a few pics!

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Lol. Part 91 brah! Probably the most lax reg in my opinion. You should see the weather regs required to do flights. Well beyond my boundaries. Sadly, a lot of plane owners fly 91 beacuse of that. I personally don’t like doing 91 flying but they usually have some fun trips. I only do these if I know it’s vfr at destination. Lol

Since it was an early am departure I told him I want the lights off on takeoff and landing and he was cool with that.

And def take some snaps

I’ll be flying in 48hrs on my 5th flight of this month! :)

In Real Life.

Merry Christmas!


You have me beat. Lol I only flew 31 this month haha!

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31 flights?

Hours I believe

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I’ll be on a plane around 25hrs this month! :)

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Scheduled to fly just 18 next month with some nice multi overnights to get my tan on. Lol hopefully that stays.

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So agree. Lol 135 is the sweet spot, for sure

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This will most likely be closed soon as Not everyone in the community celebrates Christmas 🙂

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Pretty sure everyone celebrates it in one way or another. You don’t have to be Christian to celebrate it imo.

And I would be shocked if this gets closed ;)

Take a read at this post 🙂

Merry Christmas! 🎄

The final Christmas of the decade, let’s hope everyone has a great Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve, let’s all be nice, and spread holiday cheer.

🎵 We wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy new year! 🎵


Yea, that’s pretty shocking tbh from a community that has a diverse community from countries and religion.

Awwweeelll 😉

Not really, Not everyone celebrates it so.

Doesn’t matter.

So we shouldn’t morn the loss lives of 9/11(beacuse technically it should just be USA that should), we shouldn’t celebrate pride month (beacuse most people in the community might not love the same sex) , shouldn’t celebrate black history month (beacuse not everyone on here is of African American descent) … Think you get my point. As a community of avgeeks it’s our duty to wish well for all. All races, all religion.

If that is the case then I hate to break it to the peeps who get into aviation that I wish my brother and sisters happy EID, Christmas, Diwali and Hanukkah.