Christmas Eve Spotting! @KBWI 12-24-18

Hi everybody!
First of all, Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
Yesterday (Christmas Eve) I went to spot at BWI for the second time in three days. I was hoping for maybe a surprise visit from Santa’s sleigh or something exciting, but alas, nothing quite so special.
Anyways, the weather was once again pretty nice but quite blustery, and the shots turned out pretty nice as well.

N7708E | Southwest 737-700 | KSAN-KBWI


N3736C | Delta 737-800 | KSLC-KBWI


N506NK | Spirit A319 | KMSY-KBWI


N750AX | ABX 767-200F | KCVG-KBWI


N9621A | American MD-83 | KDFW-KBWI


N812AW | American A319 | KCLT-KBWI


N260AK | Alaska 737-900ER | KSEA-KBWI


N241NN | American (Envoy) ERJ-175 | KORD-KBWI


N918WN (Illinois One Livery) | Southwest 737-700 | KMHT-KBWI


N491UA | United A320 | KIAH-KBWI


That is the limit of 10 shots. I would always love to post more, but some might consider it spam.
Once again, Merry Christmas! Go spend some time with your family and friends!
Thanks as always!


Nice catch! Caught this ABEX when she was in the hangar at CVG getting a clean up!

Do you have an instagram? If not, you should consider it. You have better photos than some of the other spotters I know!


Great photos as always Isaac! They are so clear. I look forward to seeing more of your topics! Maybe even one from LAX. 😜

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I have considered getting a IG, but I already do too much online.
Gotta go outside and bike and run more often lol

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Yeah I gotcha. You need to help me sometime. Your photos are sharp!

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Who knows? I might go to LAX sometime. My next spotting thread will likely be either here or in Boston.
I know it is a while off, but next summer will be pretty awesome for spotting (hint hint)!

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These photos are really nice and sharp! You should submit them to JetPhotos to see if they would accept :D

you should spot at KSJC soon XD


These photos are AMAZING!

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That DL 738 is a beauty. these pics are lit
nice job

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Stop it!!

These shots are amazing! You are so lucky they were landing on 33L! We are going spotting very soon!


I love that 7th picture!

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Amazing photos
I didn’t know AA still sent Mad Dogs here. But really anytime you’re at BWI you’ll see a Southwest special livery

@BigBert10 @infiniteflightskyy @Delta319 @Robertine Thank you all guys! Enjoy the rest of your day!
@JeromeJ thanks as well! I see AA Mad Dogs almost everyday, luckily. I fear they will be gone by this time next year though :(


They come in from Dallas-Fort Worth about midday. Always a beauty!

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Way too noisy flying over my house at 1500-2000’.

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Typical @anon66442947.
Always complaining about metal tubes with engines moving a third of a mile above his house.
When you bought your house, you may have noticed that there was an airport 5 miles away. The airport was there before your house was, therefore, no complaining.

@RTG113 hates planes also and is joining my lawsuit against FAA and nextgen

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Ooo if that means the FAA will give us a free Southwest 737 then count me in as well


Good luck then. Imagine, Tom and a person who always crashes vs the FAA


Don’t forget about me, a person who wants a free Southwest 737 so I can paint my own livery on it