Christmas Eve Flight Back Home | Trip Report

12/24/19 Trip Report



Flight Number: AS981

Airline: Alaska

Aircraft: 737-900

Cabin: First Class

Service: 10/10

Flight attendants we’re extremely nice. They made a few jokes with me. Service overall was outstanding. They were quick to bring out and clean up the yummy meal.

Food: 10/10

We started out with the free water bottles, of course. After that, we got our drinks, which I chose some refreshing ginger beer. We also received a small dish of warm mixed nuts. Those were pretty good. I next was given the choice of a chicken sandwich with potato chips or a protein platter. I chose the chicken sandwich. The chicken sandwich had tons of flavor and was definitely the best domestic airline food I have ever had.

Cleanliness: 8/10

Overall, my seat was clean, however I found a booger on the back of the seat in front of me which was pretty gross.

Comfort: 9/10

The seat amazingly was wide enough for any NFL player. The legroom wasn’t amazing compared to other airline’s first class, but was still enough to straighten my legs.

Gate/Baggage: 9/10

The waiting area in KSLC was cramped and very crowded, but this could’ve been because it was Christmas Eve. We checked skis and the baggage drop was awkward with the bags getting screened by TSA right in front of the ticket counter. All of our bags arrived on time in Seattle.

More Photos

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Yikes, just yikes!

Nice trip report!

Thanks. I guess they only clean the fronts of the seats. 🤮

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What was your reg?
I want to see if I spotted you!

Wow, that was so detailed! Great job!

I will look in a sec

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Thanks. It was overall a great flight.


Nice trip report!

Alaska has never disappointed me yet.

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Well done report! How did you know it was Crystal mountain ski resort when you flew next to it?

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This disappointed me a little,

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Easy to tell! I ride there all of the time. Also, it was right next to Rainier, which was a dead giveaway.

Makes sense now. What about Snoqualmia Pass or Steven’s resort? Do there?

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If you fly out of Seattle do a review if the terminal Alaska has been working on and the new First Class lounge if you can. 👍

Look like a great flight 👍👊.

Great trip report or review 👌

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I own a condo at Snoqualmie and go to Mt. Baker frequently. Not much at Stevens though.

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Sure, I’ve been using Priority Pass lounge a lot more lately.

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