Christmas 2023 Trip to Atlanta and Miami - Return Day 2: Atlanta to St. Louis

Hello folks, as we have arrived to Atlanta last night and spent the night, it is time for us to head home on Delta Airlines Flight 1571 from Atlanta to St. Louis 🇺🇸 after all that fun we had in Atlanta and Miami. So, here go the shots and I hope you enjoy them.

Delta Airlines Flight 1571: Atlanta to St. Louis 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 737-900
Origin: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport (KATL)
Destination: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)
Flight Time: 1hr 44mins
Server: Expert

As Aunty Nsikan dropped Aunty Ini, Uncle Offiong and I off at the airport and we said goodbye to Aunty Nsikan early this morning, it was time for us to get inside the airport to checkin and get our boarding passes and here we are at Gate B2 at ATL airport with our aircraft that’s taking us home. Let’s start getting ready to board this flight home

Having pushed back at 8:22 AM, we are taxiing down to RWY 26L for our departure out of ATL. Btw, the pilots started up Engine #2 and taxied with just that engine and getting near the beginning of RWY 26L, started up Engine #1.

“Flight Attendants, prepare for takeoff”, as we enter and line up RWY 26L before our takeoff roll out of ATL

And we are airborne off we go on our way back to St. Louis 🇺🇸. Goodbye 🍑🇺🇸 404 Atlanta

Bank to our right to head north shortly after takeoff out of ATL airport, leaving it behind us. Goodbye ATL once again

Leveled off and cruising at FL300 over Chattanooga 🇺🇸 as Cheez-Its and a Granola Bar was served plus drinks 🥤. I got Sprite as always, Aunty Ini got coffee ☕️ and didn’t want both her Cheez-Its and Granola Bar and gave them to me and ate em. However, Uncle Offiong eat both his Cheez-Its and Granola Bar and got Apple Juice 🧃 . After that, Uncle Offiong and Aunty Ini went to sleep until they heard “Flight Attendants, prepare for landing”. I was listening to music 🎶 throughout the whole flight.

On our descent phase as we enter the Missouri/Illinois airspace getting near STL airport

On short final RWY 30R before touching down at STL airport

And we just landed back at STL airport as we crossed RWY 30L and taxiing to Gate A6 for our arrival

And we is back in the 314 St Louis 🇺🇸 after a wonderful Christmas vacation in Atlanta and Miami. And here we are at Gate A6 at STL upon arrival. Time for us to exit the plane and head to baggage claim 🛄 and exit the airport to get to our car and head home 🏠 and rest.

And overall, that completes our Christmas 2023 Trip to Atlanta and Miami. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years in Atlanta and Miami. We got what we wished for this Christmas, had our Christmas dinner, plus counted down to New Year’s 2024 and 2024 is here. I enjoyed all of the fun stuff we had in Miami and enjoyed Miami. With all the fun things we had in Miami, I can’t wait to travel again to Miami next time. Also, I would like to travel to Atlanta to go planespotting next time. Moreover, Grandma will be planning on us traveling to Naija 🇳🇬 in the summer. So, we’ll be looking forward to traveling to Miami and spending a week before heading to Nigeria. Overall, that wraps up our winter vacation and we’ll be traveling again soon. So I hope enjoyed all my trip reports and be safe and have a good night.


Love your tripreports @Udeme_Ekpo , that’s the flight when i saw you between:)

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