Christmas 2023 Trip to Atlanta and Miami - Return Day 1: Miami to Atlanta

Once again, Happy New Years as we made to 2024. It is this time as we head on back to Atlanta. We flew American Airlines Flight 2937 from Miami to Atlanta 🇺🇸. This time, it was Me, Aunty Nsikan, Aunty Ini and Uncle Offiong that flew back as we said goodbye to Grandma, Aunty Sisi, Luz that took us to the airport and Laura. I thanked her for coming to St. Louis to spend a few days with us, then coming with us to Atlanta and spending the Christmas and New Year’s with us at Grandma’s house. We had a great time in Miami. We enjoyed plane spotting at Miami and Ft Lauderdale. We also enjoyed going to the movies to watch the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, going out with Grandma plus the Nigerian music, K1 Speed, the beach, going out with Aunty Sisi, the countdown to New Year’s 2024 and all that fun stuff we had. I really enjoyed driving Laura around downtown Miami and showing her the Ross that Mom and I went to at Bayfront Park and that McDonalds that we went to at College Bayside. Also, we ate at American Social at Brickell. Last but not least, Laura and I enjoyed the Santa’s Enchanted Forest. We had fun over there. So with all that fun we had, it’s time for us to head back to Atlanta and St. Louis to wrap up our Christmas 2023 trip. So here goes the shots. I hope you enjoy it.

American Airlines Flight 2937: Miami to Atlanta 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Destination: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport (KATL)
Flight Time: 1hr 58mins
Server: Expert

As you know, our flight was scheduled to depart at 4:50 PM. Therefore, we left Grandma’s house at 2:50 PM and got there to MIA airport at 3:50 PM to which we could’ve missed the flight. But we got inside the airport and checked in to get our boarding passes from the kiosk and luckily the line to go through security was not that long. Well obviously, there are bunch of people that are heading back home from their Christmas vacation at Miami. But we made it to Gate D6 at MIA airport at 4:17 PM as we boarded at 4:20 PM and here is our flight that was taking us back to Atlanta. So let’s board and get this flight started heading back to the 🍑🇺🇸 404 Atlanta

As we pushed back exactly at 4:50 PM, we had a short taxi to RWY 26L, taxiing past the American Airlines Hangar as you can see in the background

About to line up RWY 26L and begin our takeoff roll out of MIA airport

And off we go as we head back to Atlanta. I can’t believe we are leaving Miami and I don’t us to leave Miami. I want us to stay in Miami a little longer. But it’s time for us to go, at least we had lots of fun in Miami. Anyways, goodbye 🌴😎🇺🇸 305 MIAMI. C ya next time

Banking to our right to head north on our way to Atlanta shortly after takeoff, leaving MIA behind us. Once again, goodbye Miami.

Cruising at FL340 over Orlando 🇺🇸 as Biscoff Cookies 🍪 and drinks were served. I have my Chips A Hoy Cookies 🍪 that I got from Walgreens in Miami. For the drinks, I got Biscoff cookies with Sprite 🥤, Aunty Nsikan got Water 💧, Aunty Ini got Coca Cola 🥤, and Uncle Offiong got tea ☕️ with cream and sugar. Aunty Ini didn’t want her Biscoff cookies 🍪. Therefore, she handed to Aunty Nsikan, to hand to me and ate that after eating my Biscoff cookies. And also, we were expecting to sit at row 27A, B, C, and D. As we were about to scan our boarding passes, we got switched to row 9F, E, D, and C. Therefore, this is the view at Seat 9F 💺.

Night descent onto Atlanta 🇺🇸, in preparation for landing 🛬 at ATL airport

On short final RWY 27L at ATL airport before we touchdown Atlanta 🇺🇸

After we landed, we crossed RWY 27R as another aircraft was taking off 🛫

And we arrived back to Atlanta at Gate T15 ATL airport. Hello and welcome to the 🍑🇺🇸 404 once again and here is the pic of our aircraft as we head to baggage claim 🛄 to exit the airport and catch the bus to the North Terminal Park and Ride for us to get our car and head back to the house and spend a night before we back to St. Louis tomorrow. What a great flight we had today.

And that completes our return flight of day 1 from Miami back to Atlanta. Once again, I would like to thank my dear friend Laura for everything she has done and I will see her again next time. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this flight and stay tuned for tomorrow’s flight as Delta Airlines Flight 1571 that will be flying us back to the 314 St Louis 🇺🇸. Have a blessed New Year and stay safe.


Definitely a good tripreport!