Christianx_xkhaos's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A[PASSED WRITTEN]

If anyone is up I’m looking to do some controlling. I’ll be at KSFO for a bit

@Michael_Sides1 you avalible?

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I actually just did a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles with appr

Tag me next time

And Can you change @KSFO@N/A ?

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@rlbg13 thanks for joining me on appr/dept were using 7/6 l/r here at klax

No problem! Saw that, even though at the end, I was a little bit confused as some planes were taking off from the 24s and 25s.

They wont listen still alot insist on 24 25

I’m at JFK unofficially if anyone is awake


Is it Thread?

Actually I’m going to open at KFAT


Need to work on extend upwind and runway exit commands paired with cross runway. Also progressive taxi

Nice Transition

Nice Sequencing

Perfect Pattern instructions.

There is No Feedback from Me

Have a Good Day/Night !


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Thanks fox much appreciated!

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Feedback from AP-PLE.

  1. Sequences and Clearances were spot-on.
  2. My only thing to point out is that you gave me the exit command just a bit late.
    Thanks for having me!

What speed should I give the command at?

70-80 for engine, 40-50 for prop.

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Are you still open? Coming as Peach Aviation 769

Correction Air Peach 769

Ah looks like you closed nvm

Sorry TvT I’ll be open later on tomorrow quite likely

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