Christianx_xkhaos' Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @KPVU

Hey everyone this is my radar thread I’m so excited to finally have one.

I’ll be opening up on the training server tonight for a little bit at KBFL if anyone wanted to stop by.

I will be using runways 30R and 30L for any approach types.

Hope to see you there

Server: training
Airport: KBFL
Runways: 30R and 30L
Patterns; Allowed
Approaches: any


Closing for 30 mins

Open again

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Omw! Want feedback here or via DM?

Either or just dm me while doing it too

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Feedback from N3RM:

  • My visual was perfect, just don’t forget to give a frequency change
  • Lester’s reverse intercept was okay (it was 40 degrees, 30 is obviously ideal), but you shouldn’t have needed one. You could’ve descended him earlier and given a normal 30 degree intercept
  • Not sure why you told Michael to continue as filed when he requested a GPS. His fpl was WPT - KBFL, so there was nothing to continue on

Nice job overall!

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Thank you for the services on all my approaches I have no complaints, most feedback was primarily by DM

Hey guys I’m open at KBFL again 30s in use any approaches on the training server come by for some radar patterns you dont have to be IFATC

Gonna take a break at 1300z for 30ish mins

Internet did a weird thing

Breaking for 30 mins

And I’m back

I knew it was supposed to be 30 I meant to issue 330 it just came out as 340 for some reason. The thing with michael I got sorted out with him he did that and I honestly didnt know you could do gps with no fpl

Erm, you can’t do a GPS without a flight plan. 6.9.2 covers this. The main point is, " Controllers must check that the aircraft has a published procedure that provides lateral navigation to the intended arrival runway." Now, in some cases, pilots can remove a fix in the published procedure, which removes the procedure from their FPL, so that is when you have to use your best judgement. (This is covered in the Pro-Tip under 6.9.2)

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That’s what I thought. Now, in real life I believe this would be possible with a localizer only approach. But IF pilots aren’t able to request that (even though it’s possible to execute a localizer only approach in app), so a GPS isn’t possible without a valid flight plan for the purposes of IF.

Gonna change it up and go to CYVR to prep for my training today 08s in use and approach types on training server

3 k might have been a bit low

Feedback - All Nippon 007VA

[16:05:28Z] - Remember Vancouver is flat except for the surrounding mountains . I would use an fix ( waypoint ) to identify where the mountains start to begin , a good one I would use is ILUXU . Also 6K is not needed on downwind , 4,000 would be alright .

[16:06:27Z] - When you said correction , stand by the message after that was the same as the previous one before " Turn left heading 280 , climb and maintain 6,000 "

[16:10:07Z] - Same here applies to above , also remember part of the approach is over water .

[16:13:17Z] - This vector could’ve been given earlier , if it helps you can use some waypoints close to the cone to see when to start turning people to base for here GONIN is an good one.

Remember Vancouver is flat , you could even go down to 2K for some visuals if you wanted to . No other issues , thanks

Ayyyy whats up man! Might be able to stop by later once I am done with my patterns.

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Tag me pls

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