Christianx_xkhaos’ ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]@N/A

I’m going to be on tower and ground

Im trying to get good enough that I can take the test for IFATC so I’ll be checking this thread for updates throughout the time I am controlling. If theres some tip or pointer you have please dont hesitate. I really want to learn this stuff. I’ve even considered it a career path at one point.

I’m pretty confident in my ability to sequence landings and take offs (if aircraft listen to instruction that is) I’m less good I’d say with patterns per each airport. Also in congested airports with ground I want practice with lining up planes from pushback to runway, and giving progressive instruction. For tower at congested airports I want to work on timing and balancing take offs and landings.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated

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Hey! Make sure to change your title to the correct format!


Christianx_xkhaos’s ATC tracking thread @ ICAO [OPEN/CLOSED]

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I fixed it for you but still be sure to check out the link that @Ecoops123 attached.

Just checked IF and saw that you are currently closed.

I’ve done it for you this time, but please make sure to update it when finished :)

Is that better?

I was in for like 3 hours

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Will do I was on for like 3 hours and ended up passing out lmao. Going back km now though

I come later in 45min?

You got it I’ll be here

Can I come?

I spawned as United 84

Ah yes I saw you I dropped my ipad when you requested 31r and I was going to reroute you because 31r was clos3d

Yeah come on down if you’re still on

Also you gotta give more instructions. Clearing for take off isn’t enough. You gotta say enter left downwind etc

Alright I’ll try to do that more

Hi Christian,

Here are 10 golden rules you need to know, so you can do a good job controlling via your tracking thread.

  1. Watch aircrafts on your platform. Good Ground control is important. Use hold position and give way instructions. Give way instructions are sometimes given before a taxi instruction.
  2. Understand the concept of the Pattern. Know your departure, crosswind, downwind, base and final legs.
  3. every new inbound always first gets a pattern entry instruction, to inform the pilot how he should approach
  4. Every runway change always first gets a pattern entry instruction
  5. sequencing is your friend ”. Very important. It is used to tell pilots who to follow. Re-sequence if this helps to provide clarity. Extend downwind, I’ll call your base, and speed instructions are not meant for sequencing. Use sequence instructions, as many and as often as is needed .
  6. Use I’ll call your base , to delay the base turn of an inbound aircraft. Apply this to create space to allow outbound aircrafts to depart, or to avoid clashes with other aircrafts.
  7. aircrafts remaining in the pattern only get a pattern entry instruction when you want to direct the aircraft to another runway (see point 4). Other than that, the pilot get clearance for a touch and go with an exit takeoff direction. This is needed only once. After this, the pilot will assume the same exit direction (number 1, cleared for the option, after the option make left traffic).
  8. Timely clearance for landing or for the option
  9. landed aircrafts all get a runway exit instruction . Know your exit procedures
  10. For aircrafts that need to fly through (not over/above) Tower’s airspace make sure you assign the correct Transition Altitude .

Tip: find on YouTube the Infinite Flight IFATC instruction videos; in particular study the Ground, Tower, Tower Arrival, Advanced Tower and Sequencing videos.

All the best with the controlling!


Wow that list even helped me, very informative

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Thanks so much that is super helpful I really appreciate your time!

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When will you be open till? I might pop along now

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Hi @Sammi_Starlight,
I was VH-SEB, here is some of my feedback,

  1. When i requested for push back you said push back approved thats fine, however, when i was still pushing back you told me to taxi, its best to wait till requested by the pilot to give the taxi command.
  1. You gave the other aircraft a pattern entry there is no need for a pattern entry if you gave the ‘’ cleared for takeoff make right traffic command.
  1. My clearance was very late, you should clear aircraft remaining the the pattern on down wind. Take a look at the photo below:

Blue = Sequence
Yellow = Landing Clearance

  1. when the other aircraft reported position for full stop, there was no need for you to tell him to extend Downwind as he was just reporting full stop, and no aircraft were either on the runway or in the close range of him.

One other tip for you try maybe opening another airport that is not as big.

Hope this has helped you :)

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