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ATC Freq:
Ground/ Tower

Dep 23L / 23R
Arrivals 23L / 23R

Pattern Work and Runway Changes or anything you want to throw at me!

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Have a read of this:

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This thread should be on #atc

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Now that’s a tracking thread!

I might stop by and do patterns,

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@Tsumia - The more the merrier!

@Christian_Phillips Still open?and the tittle “open”" should be OPEN,lol 🤣

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yeah still here @CrisYe

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I will come,just finished my dinner

Couple notes:

Don’t clear someone for the option while they’re on upwind. Tell them to enter downwind and call their base or clear them for the T&G when they can turn base. On the second takeoff I did, I made a very early turn after takeoff. In some cases, you need to tell me to extend upwind so I keep going on runway heading. Tell me to exit runway when I’m at around 50-60kts wen slowing down because I already exited when you told me to. Apart from those, very good job!

Ok, crashed 🤣,my bad joystick

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That’s not needed. If an aircraft is in the pattern, you do not need to give patten entries unless you intend to change their runway.

An appropriate time to clear an aircraft for the option is when they are on crosswind/downwind. Base is too late. “I’ll call your base” is only needed if you want to create separation with other traffic.

Hope this helps :)



I have been taught to Sequence and clear as soon as you can to keep things clear…as you were the only pattern traffic I cleared you once you were above 1000ft.

The tight turn was ok as there was no other traffic. Its pilots responsibility to keep separation. If there was other traffic in the pattern I would have told you to follow that aircraft.

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Hi there @Tsumia, just to re-iterate the following points to ensure we’re all on the same page and we can continue to provide accurate, pertinent and useful feedback to trainees going forward;

It is acceptable to clear aircraft ‘for the option’ when they’re flying their upwind leg, so long as all basic local frequency controlling protocols have been followed (i.e. aircraft have been sequenced, etc.). It may be advisable to clear aircraft for the option on downwind leg or further along in their pattern if the situation appears to be more fluid and changeable, but usually the best premise is the earlier, the better.

You should not issue further un-necessary pattern instructions as recommended above, nor utilise commands such as ‘turn base’ when not required – this command is usually used alongside an ‘I’ll call your base’ command which should usually only be used to create spacing for departures to depart before further pattern traffic turns inbound.

Again, this simply isn’t required, unless a runway change has been requested and an aircraft is departing from the parallel runway at the same time, or some other scenario such as this. It’s the pilot’s discretion how early they’d like to turn in their patterns, within reason. If the aircraft has been sequenced, then it is the pilot’s responsibility to maintain separation with the traffic they’ve been sequenced behind, so this wouldn’t be necessary in a scenario where there is a loss of separation between two sequenced aircraft (for the same runway) either.

Technically, runway exits should be given at a safe and controlled speed, and this can differ depending on the aircraft being operated – 50-60kts can be approach speed for small General Aviation aircraft such as the C172. The IFATC manual stipulates in section 6.4.3 that this is typically less than 70kts, but generalisations aren’t too helpful, common sense should prevail with different aircraft types, etc.

I hope this clears up any remaining questions in this thread for all those reading it.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further queries or questions, as we’d all rather that accurate and correct information is circulated, rather than incorrect information which could misinform members of the community and potential IFATC candidates.

Many thanks for your understanding.

IFATC Recruiter, Supervisor and Trainer.


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