Christian khaos' ATC tracking thread [OPEN] @KSFO

I’m still working on the written exam but one thing I know I need to practice is sequencing and clearances. Also go around practice would be nice. I would also like to try to get some progressive taxi practice. Iplease post your critiques here so I can improve and pass with flying colors (no pun intended). Thank you and have a great day!

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I´ll be there in a moment.

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I screwed something up I’m aware. I was thinking no one would come and I got flustered haha

Really nice work for a first tracking thread-session!

Here´s my Feedback for you:

  • If you have two aircraft requesting a Transition it makes sense to give them altitudes at 500ft intervals to ensure seperation.

  • You can send out sequences a lot sooner. If there´s nothing stopping you from issuing them it´s best to get it over an done with as soon as possible so you don´t need to worry about them later. The same can be said for the clearences.

  • A traffic direction is only needed in the initial takeoff/option-clearence. Moving forward a simple option clearence is sufficient.

  • As the Controller it´s your job to ensure there´s spacing between aircraft. That means you need to call a Go Around if you notice that the spacing isn´t going to be enough/sufficient.

  • A runway Exit command should be given out to every plane that intends to land. If you see someone slowing all the way down to aprox. 30kts without announcing a “full stop” landing it´s still a good idea to send them a command as the “Option” Clearence also cleares people to land.

All good, that´s what we´re trying to do ;)

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Got very confused when someone stopped on the runway and I had to issue go arounds.wasnt sure whether to ask the aircraft to exit the runway first or issue a go around. Gotta know this stuff! I want to be a real air traffic controller for my career so this is good training

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This is GOLD thank you so so so much!

On a seperate note, you don´t need to create a new topic for every time you open: Christianx_xkhaos's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A[PASSED WRITTEN]

Simply announce that you´re opening here and people will come (you can edit the Title accordingly)

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A question about transitions cuz they’re confusing for me. They are given at or above pattern altitude correct? How would I know the pattern altitude and also if I clear on transition at let’s say 2500 would I clear another at 3000? Just trying to fully understand

I tried to be open as much as possible for about 3 weeks and no one came. I thought I might just need a new thread

I’ll go in a few minutes ;)

Transitions should, if possible, be given at 2500 ft AAL rounded up to the next 500 ft/1000 ft.

EDDL for example has an Airport Elevation of 145ft, so the appropriate calculation would be:
145 ft + 2500 ft = 2645ft this rounded up leads to a perfect transition altitude of 3000 ft.
(Why 2500ft ? Pattern altitude of 1500 ft + 1000 ft of vertical separation makes 2500ft.)

More on Transitions can be found in the ATC Guide:

Thanks so much

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Continue here please: Christianx_xkhaos's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A[PASSED WRITTEN]