Chris109’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello guys and girls I am open on ts for a little I hope you can come along I’m tying to get IFATC eventually so any help would be much appreciated thank you in advance

Into make this ATC tracking thread more introducing, I think you should add a friendly introduction at first to introduce yourself. For an example:

Hello viewer! My name is and this is my tracking thread. I plan on becoming an IFATC in the future/I am training to strengthen my ATC skills and wish for you to come along! It would be appericated if you could come to my sessions and give me feedback on how I do. Hope you have a great day!

This is just an example, it may or may not be accurate on how others make their introductions. You should always try to find a friendly introduction that suits you.

To say if you’re opened, just reply to your own post with the necessary details, like this:

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a good day! I’m now opened at <insert ICAO aiport code here (YSSY, OMDB, KLAX, EGLL, EGNX, etc> for <insert duration of session here (5-10 minutes, half an hour, an hour, etc)>. Come along if you like too and give me feedback if you can on how I do!

To say if you’re closed, reply to your post with the following details:

Hello everybody! My previous session is now closed, I hope all of you who attended had a good time. If you could leave some feedback, with constructive criticism if needed, that would be appericated!

To edit this post, you don’t have to delete it. All you have to do is press the pencil on your post, make the necessary adjustments, then save the changes!

I’ll try to come, my username is Humars and my callsign is N687HS.

Alright, it was a nice flight today. But not to forget, here’s my general feedback:


You did good. Most of the requests that you answered were responded to correctly and you have minimal knowledge of being an Air Traffic Controller!


When clearing aircraft for takeoff, you should only use immediate takeoff if an aircraft is in the visual/ILS cone (the red area) or the GPS cone (the grey area). It’s recommended to put an altitude assignment to follow the runway heading if the aircraft is not going to remain in the pattern and if necessary.

When I requested taxi you only told me ‘N687HS, continue taxi’, the correct command is “N687HS, taxi to runway 27L contact tower when ready”. Keep this in mind when aircraft request taxiing. As a tip, you should only use progressive taxi instructions if the aircraft is lost or if you’re trying to prevent a ground collision.

Maybe this is true or not, but I believe you should have given me a beforehand clearence for the option (this is only from personal experience, this may be true or not).

For additional information:

When the aircraft lands (if they are not performing a touch & go), you should issue an exit runway command. Something like this: ", when able <insert exit runway instruction here (turn right, turn left or exit runway), contact ground on the taxiway.>
If necessary, you can also tell them to expedite if an aircraft is on: Base, final or in general to just expedite.

Otherwise, you did wonderful! Hope to see you again in your next session!

I might be able to help ;)
What happened in this scenario?

So basically I was on the right downwind of runway 27 at EGNX. I’ve informed Chris109 I was on the right downwind of runway 27 to make a touch and go, he did acknowledge my presence but didn’t give me a beforehand clearence. The time he gave it is when I requested it on final. So should he have given me a beforehand clearence in this situation or?

Ahh, yes. @Chris109, if possible, issue the clearance near the end of crosswind or beginning of downwind. If you wait too long, they can’t really turn base because they haven’t been cleared yet. This would therefore cause them to have to extend their pattern and add time, which you want to avoid.

If they turn onto final and you still haven’t cleared them yet, there’s a high chance that it’ll result in a go around. This means more work for you and for them.

I would suggest late crosswind or early downwind because if there’s a high volume of traffic, you’ve already cleared them early so you don’t need to worry about doing it later.

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Will do thank you for the advise

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