Chris_Hosford-ATC tracking thread [closed]


Yes i know thise winds were very windy RIP to those who have to land there now in the real world


Do you have an airport of choice so you can see my sequencing


It doesn’t matter which airport, as long as there are more than 2 people in the pattern, it would be good.


I’m open at YSSY on training server come down and do patterns more the better


Anyone want to come do paterns give feedback. Im at YSSY and waiting for a good rush to come through


Come over to YSSY do some pattern work


Training server


Would be great if people could attend


Come down to KPHL and do patterns in training server see you there


Open at OTHH come do patterns


Come to patterms at RJTT


Come along to KFLL


No open at KIMA training server


Come along to CYVR and do some patterns im lonley over here


Will do
Be right there


Out a charge ):


Open again at CYVR on training server so come along thanks


Open now at EGLL so come down and do patterns need to practice for IFATC


Come to KSEA and keep me company thanks


Open at NZAA so come and do patterns