Chris Hoover’s ATC Tracking Thread // Closed

Hello community!

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread! I want to better my skills so I can join the Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control Community (IFATC). Every time I open an airport, I will post it below.

Please leave me constructive criticism so I can improve!


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Hey everyone!

I am opening at KSSC.

Airport: KSSC
Server: Training
Duration: 1 hour

Come by and fly all the patterns you want!

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Great controlling you had me on a good pattern with avoiding @Transport_Hub while he was on final. We had a little incident on final but we wont talk about that😂


Thanks for coming Trevor, feel free to give me any other feedback via PM!

Everything went smoothly and when I tried to repeatedly report my position, you told me “no need for unnecessary reports” which was good. You also gave me the right transition altitude. Great Job!

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Thanks for stopping by! And for the feedback!

Now closed. Thanks everyone! @Transport_Hub has taken over. Go help him out!

Hey Everyone,

Currently open at KBDL, come fly some patterns! Ill be open for a long time :)

Server: Training
Airport: Bradley International Airport (KDBL)
Runways being utilized: Runway 24 and 15

Now closed. Thanks to all who came! Help out @Transport_Hub as he has taken over!

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