Chopy 737 Engine sounds

On the southwest 737-700, the right-wing engine sounds are a bit choppy. This only occurs when going upwards.

The engine sounds are the same for both “wings”. I am not completely sure what you are asking, is it a question about the default engine sounds, or are you actually experiencing a lag of some sort?

737 is an old model and one day will get updated. Patience child

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The engine sounds stop then starts, and it only happens in the rightwing view not in the left wing nor if I lock my view near the right engine.

nope it only happens in the view

Has this only happened once or is it repetitive? My only suggestions are to restart Infinite Flight, or completely reinstall the app all together.

I think this is a problem on all the airplanes… I’ve heard it as well on the right engine of the a320 and the 787.

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If I remember correctly, this is a known issue. I will ask for clarification.


I think it’s known as well. Same goes for the C172 and C208

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I restarted the app still the same. definitely an issue, known or not, I don’t know.

Noticing the same issue, Most noticible when you zoom in on an engine while on the right engine view. Noticed it on every aircraft I have flown so far. A320 and 788

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Is this new, I don’t remember hearing it before.

I only get that when i drop below 60 fps

It only happens for me when my camera is in the middle of the engine, if I put the wing view facing behind the engines its fine and if I’m front it’s fine. I used headphones and when in the middle the game doesn’t know whether to have the sound coming from behind or in front the engine so you have a constant stutter as it’s changing from where the sounds coming from.

I know I was flying a southwest 737 the engine sound like if it were to explode I did a flight from MCO-MSY

I have the same issue. It happened on a United 737-800 on wing view.

We’ll investigate this in priority! Thanks for the report.

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