Chopmaster’s ATC Tracking Thread - [closed] @PHNL


Hi there

Here is OK-YEAH’s feedbacks…

If you can do that, with a double runway and 5 to 7 planes… You will be an IFATC soon…

Simply flawless!

👍🏻 Nice work there!

He was seconds ago

thank you!!

i’m going to try KPSP next time! thank you for stopping by! your feedback is greatly appreciate

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Wanna do this right now? I think @BT_HANDLES is also ready

still on! come on by!

If you want you can switch airport and try out parallel

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totally. ill switch over to KPSP


Yeah while we are 2 planes at least
Maybe @FN60fps will join

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sounds great. KPSP tower and ground are open!


Feedback (6O-SMA)

  • [01:45:16] incorrect clearance here. I was remaining in the pattern so it should’ve been a option clearance. I think it was just a mistake because you didn’t do it again but you should’ve corrected it.

  • [01:55:18] I would say it should’ve been #2 traffic to follow is on final” not right base but nothing major cause it did look like base. So I understand why you thought that.
    Note: On departure give me a frequency change. No need to wait that long. There was no conflicts in the vicinity.
    That was flawless, no major issues and I see major improvement, since last session. Great work and thanks for the services today. Felt like the Expert server to me 💯

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Nothing to add 😂
Great job!
Thanks for the service!

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Thanks guys! i really appreciate all the help. i’ve been doing practice tests and hope to set up my testing to join IFATC soon! thank you for all of your help! ill try to pick a fun airport for my next session!


KPSP will be open for arrivals and departures in around 30-45 minutes! i will update when open

KPSP ground and tower are open!


Hey there!

Just a little feedback from AF345…

Awesome job there!! Only my first runway change we already discuss “elsewhere”…

Keep up that pretty good work…

Sorry I didn’t announce my FS… wanted to surprise you a bit since you were over your things there!!

Thanks @Stef_Smet for that improvised GA 👌🏻♥️


Oh nice what the servers?

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no worries! i appreciate all of the help. i am definitely getting a better understanding of how everything works! thank you.

i knew you had to know as i saw your IFATC tag…

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just closed… i’d reopen if people are interested. it’s TS

I’m not undercover anymore lolol


Hi, thanks for the great service at KPSP!

The only thing I could add is that you gave the “exit rwy” command a little urly. In fact my wheels were still in the air hehe.

For the rest nice job!👍

Stef (oo-lxv)