Chopmaster’s ATC Tracking Thread - [closed] @PHNL

ksmo tower/ground is open for an hour for arrivals, departures, and pattern work!


Still open! training server!


Hey you still open?

yes sir! still open!

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Feedback- P4-LOT

  • You gave me 2 clearances for some reason, but then I believe you corrected the landing one since I was doing patterns

  • You don’t need to give me a pattern entry since you already told me right traffic from the takeoff clearance

  • With the cleared the option you include a traffic direction, this should be only for inbounds and runway changes 3.3 Inbounds | Infinite Flight

Everything else was spot on!

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Hey Chopmaster, I was ER-ACE! I noticed some things you did that may be important to note if you’re planning on using these skills to join IFATC.

  • No need to send a frequency change from ground to tower because that is already included with the phraseology “Taxi to the runway, Contact tower when ready”
  • You don’t have to tell a person to enter the downwind when you have already given them the pattern direction in their takeoff clearance, just use the sequence command instead to tell them who to follow.
  • You don’t have to specify the pattern direction in the clearance to land/option clearance because you already said that in the initial takeoff clearance. You only have do this if you have changed the runway or are changing which pattern direction you would like them to fly
  • To instruct someone to turn into the downwind, use the “turn crosswind” command instead of “enter downwind”
  • The extend downwind wasn’t a necessary command. It is sometimes good to exercise increased control over the pilots, but remember it is their responsibility to maintain the separation. Besides, you had already sequenced me behind him, so I knew who to follow.
  • Instead of enter right base to tell somebody to turn base, use the “turn base” command instead.
  • Good use of the traffic alert command

Other than that good job! Hope to see you controlling the expert skies soon!


Feedback (6O-SMA)

  • [04:20:52] no reason to give me a pattern entry here. If an aircraft is remaining in the pattern and you have already gave them a traffic direction (Make right/left traffic), they only need a sequence (if required) and a clearance.

  • [04:22:42] if an aircraft is remaining in the pattern than you need to clear them for the option. You cleared me to land which is wrong in this situation.

  • [04:28:36] incorrect transition. You gave me 2500ft. The transition is Airport elevation + 2500ft than round to the nearest 500th. So the transition should’ve been 3000ft.

Thanks for the amazing service today @Chopmaster
NOTE: anything I didn’t write in the feedback means you did correctly

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Thank you for the pointers. i will definitely be keeping all of this in mind for my next ATC session! i really do appreciate the feedback. feel free to swing by next time!


My apologies. i really appreciate all of your feedback. i honestly gave you extra attention because i thougjt your aircraft was slightly faster that the others in the pattern. lesson learned… my apologies if i made a few unnecessary pattern adjustment/ traffic advisory’s as i’m used to people in military aircraft not listing to ATC… all excuses aside i really appreciate your advice and hope you swing by next time.


thank you for coming by again @BT_HANDLES

i really appreciate your pointers and will definitely implement them next time! sorry i forgot to tag you last time! i will make sure i do it next time!

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@Chopmaster btw forgot one thing, I would recommend keeping all your updated openings all in the same thread. Just reply to your thread as open and needed info. This is more better instead of making new threads every time.

copy that! ill fix it.

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KSMO Tower and Ground are open! @BT_HANDLES

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Still open!

feedback G-RICK

• Good pattern work

• I set you up for a go around but from my view it looked like you missed it and the other plane was still on the runway. Definitely be mindful of a go around conflict.

•I noticed you sequenced the other plane after that as number one and then corrected. That was a good choice.

• the use of extend DW and calling base is ok but that is typically used when there is much traffic on the ground and you are trying to get departures out.

• overall, nice work. Thanks for the service!

• One more thing I might add is try opening your options to airports with parallel runways as well. Then you can also practice runways changes and upwind conflicts.

Have a great night!


Thanks Rick! thank you for the feedback! i definitely missed the go around. i thought there was enough separation but when i realized that you needed to go around your go around call had already been received. i will definitely be more proactive about this to insure separation on final! thank you!

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Still open if anyone wants to do some pattern work!

Sorry I can’t make it I’m kinda busy 💯

no worries!

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You still open I can come now