Choosing your flight number or call sign

So when I’m choosing my flight number I try to go off the destination and place I am flying from and to For example the flight from Charlotte to Saint Thomas is American 1195 the only reason I knew know this is because I actually flew on that plane any ideas for how I should find the real call signs of aircraft flying from like LAX to DFW etc.


Put LAX-DFW AA into a very little-known website called

Personally, since I live in Dallas, what information I can give you is that only the A321 and B789 are operated on this route.


Thanks I also live in Dallas or actually Plano but it’s still in the DFW metro and I still fly out of DFW

I used to live in Coppell

If I know what you mean I use Flightradar24.

Do you mean the A321 and the 737 or the 787

You can use the Official Airline Website to find Flight Number!

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There are some great resource to find a flight number in here too:

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I search “flight time between [IATA code for departure airport] and [IATA code for arrival airport]} into Google. It should then come up with something like this:

If you want to know the aircraft (or if in Europe, the callsign) search “[flight number (e.g. ‘WN669’) aircraft type”
It should come up with this:

Sometimes that last bit doesn’t work but usually it does.

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They also occasionally an A320

You can also use! You just type the airport codes where you are flying to and it will have the real life callsign’s and the airlines that operate the route!

I personally use, simply enter the two airports in the search bar, and it will pop up a number of flights and airlines that fly between the locations. There you can see what callsign the flight uses and voila, all done!

No. They don’t. Never seen an AA A320 at DFW in my life.

A321 and B789 are the only aircraft they operate on the route.

I live in the middle of DFW, ADS, AFW, DAL and I ah e seen every possible plane. I have also flown on one to SFO

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