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Hey does anyone want to help me chose a song for one of my up coming videos? It is a flight too Hawaii and the songs I have are Hawaiian I just need help picking one.

Choice 1.

Choice 2.

Choice 3.

  • Choice 1
  • Choice 2
  • Choice 3

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As it’s a YouTube video you can search up No copy right music and use one of those! :)

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Over the rainbow has so much meaning behind it and I always find it so emotional listening to it 😭😭 - but white sands is also a really good song too!! I’m torn between the two!!

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They are my favorite songs they both make me so sad and think about the times I have been

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I think, listening both to them again, I would go for over the rainbow, the only reason (that I could actually decide 😬) is that over the rainbow’s lyrics have bits like “way up high” and “over the rainbow” and it’s just quite magical - if you get where i’m coming from? I think you could get a really nice planning shot of outside the aircraft over Hawaii and the combo of that and over the rainbow would be perfect 😭

Sorry but i am choosing between the songs listed

I think I’m going for that just because it has so much meaning and is so good

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yes i agree!! when you’ve finished it tho - send me the link because i would love to take a look!! :)

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I add here, as a person who studies music, you can adjust it to your video, meaning the composition. the first music was not crowded, the sound of guitar strings (ukulele?) sounded not crowded. I chose number 3, but if you can adjust the composition later it doesn’t have to be noisy

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Please PM the user.