Choosing Aircraft by Filter

There’s 60 people on Advanced flying in Sydney. You wanna hurry up and fly with Australia’s best airline, Qantas.

However, it’s taking you a while just to find an aircraft with the Qantas livery.

Billy Mays: “If only there was an easier way!”

I think it would be a great idea if you could sort out the aircraft selection menu by filters, just like how on the community, you can filter out topics.

For instance, you can select the filter “Qantas”, and all aircraft with the Qantas livery will appear before your eyes.

Lady in commercial: “Wow, now I can finally fly my Qantas 767! Thanks Billy Mays!”


It would clutter the menu.

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Why don’t you memorize all the aircraft with the liveries?
It will be a mess because there are more liveries and airlines in IF than planes.


Nope. For instance, if you select the “JetBlue” filter, then ONLY aircraft with the JetBlue livery will show up on your screen. :)


There would be a menu with the country and a submenu with the country´s livery, it would just clutter everything.

But there are loads of liveries and airlines so choosing the filter would be useless as it would be easier to select an aircraft immediately

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I didn’t say you HAVE to use the filter, did I?

If you don’t need it, don’t use it.

The how would you filter them?

Would be cool if they did it how FSX do it :)

Maybe a search feature in the airplane select menu would be useful. For example, you could search “United” and all of the planes with the United livery would show up in a list and you choose which one. Or, you could search “A380” in the search bar and all the A380 liverys would show up and you choose one. Or, you could search “United 757-200” and that specific livery for that airplane would show up. All I’m saying is that they add a search bar, but you can still navigate aircraft like you do right now.

  • Airline
  • Regional
  • Military
  • Commercial
  • Private
  • (and yes) Country

Like I said,

Filters are to help people get to things easier.

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It would just clutter everything.

So it could be turned off?

Yes, there should be a feature for you to turn it on and off from the settings.

And okay, exactly how would it clutter things?


Are you saying there are no need for these categories?

Are you saying filters for the livery or the aircraft?

Filters for everything. Wanna find what airlines operate in Canada? Search up Canada, and all airline operators pop up.

Oh ok. That would be pretty useful. I still think a search bar for liveries, aircraft, operating region, and other stuff would be more compact and cleaner. But your idea is more visual which is better in some ways.

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Isn’t that why everything is in alphabetical order?

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I guess you didn’t get the point of the request… Lol

That’s a great idea in my opinion! For example when you choose your callsign in live, the only liveries on aircraft that appear will be according to the callsign you choose. Say you choose the callsign Southwest 154. The only liveries available for you to fly will be the Souhwest liveries when you choose an aircraft! 😉😃


I was thinking this same thing. I like this idea!