Choosing a VA - A guide

This thread is a little guide, if you want to join an IF VA. Over the past month most recently, many VAs have sprung up, hence the new VA category. Obviously for a new member on the forum this can be a little daunting trying to find something with 110+ threads to look at. So, without further ado, let me tell you the steps I would do if I wanted to join a VA.
1) Don’t make a 'Which VA should I join thread.

Why? This will just lead to ‘Join my VA’ posts, which will get you nowhere as everyone will post one for their VA. Instead:

2) Check this thread:

This is a great thread made by @Alan_Perez listing all of the VAs in IF. It really is a great help to us.

3) Choose a VA:

This is the biggie. Let me break the process down:

a) Decide what sort of VA to join.

There are really two types:
i) Based off a real-world airline:
These are usually more focuses on replicating the real world experience of being a pilot. Expect to be much more limited in the routes you can do, but expect more in the form of realism.
ii) Unique VAs:
These are the opposite: they are a new concept made by the VA owner. These can often have much more freedom with routes etc. They often also have more in the form of events.

b) Make your final choice.

Now is when I would be looking through websites, seeing what each VA has to offer. Some things I would personally look for:

  • Is the VA Active? (Do you see Callsigns on live? Do they run events? Can you reach the staff quickly?)
  • Is the website well made and written? (bad English would be a no-no for me- first impression is everything)
  • Do they have a committed set of pilots?
  • Can I forfull all of the requirements for the pilots? (Some require so much flying each week)
  • Does the VA interest me? Will I we motivated to fly for them?

Once you finally find ‘the one’, make the leap and register to join. Hopefully if you made a good decision, you won’t look back :)

Strictly no VA advertisements below, you WILL be flagged for spam.


Done now :)

Thanks for your patience.


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