#ChooseFun Carnival Blimp in Las Vegas!


Hey Guys! Today, I was lucky enough to find the Carnival Cruiseship Blimp flying in Alaska Vegas for its first appearance here! Enjoy :)

Sorry for the reflection, 2 photos are taken from my car


The Blimp is to advertise their new Ship the Carnival Panorama which will be sailing year round, from Long Beach. Including its maiden voyage. Awesome that you were able to catch it!


Forgot to include after research, if you post it on social media you can win prizes such as gift cards and stuff, but the big prize (possibly for the one who spots it the most) is a Carnival cruise on the Panorama


Dang, what are the odds?!

I’m going on a Carnival cruise in 5 days!


Wow Cool! I actually saw it again today but it was to far away for a good picture


Do you happen to know where its next destination is @Daniel14?


It is unscheduled, nobody knows except Carnival 😂