Choose What Aircraft You Like Out of These choices!

  • McDonnell Douglass DC3
  • McDonnell Douglass DC8
  • Piper J3 Cub
  • Cessna 152 (Aerobat)
  • Twin Comanche
  • Other

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I prefer widebodies and/or narrowbodies more…

I completely understand that!:)

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Although I see what you are attepting, there is little point in this topic. The next two planes are already confidrmed with the DC10 and after the A350. IF you want to make a feature request for your own plane do so in #features with one planer per topic. Make sure it is origional and the community will upvote it and then the devs will see the most popular aircraft. Be sure not to spam features though.

Good luck ;)


I’d like to see way more GA small aircraft, especially with global on the way. J3 cub would be cool, but those don’t get flown much anymore. I’d like to see more twin engine pistons turboprops like the PC-12 and the TBM 850.

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Oh yes that does make sense. I didn’t think about that. Thanks for the feedback 👌

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I LOVE the TBM850 and 930!

In case you might be interested with one of these features 😉

Like Wren said earlier, you might want to make a feature request in case you want to see some certain aircrafts/liveries in the simulator once you reached Member 😊. It would be nice to see some GA requests imho