Choose the boarding gate

  • Hello everyone ! I would like to know how to choose the gate depending on the company and the plane? Because I know that companies are in the airports each terminal or door assigned to them? … Anyway, if someone could explain to me that would be very kind

Or a website that lets us know? …

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Taking a quick google search is the easiest solution, at least that’s what I do. Try this for KFJK:

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Hey there

Download this app. Some airports have an airport chart and some don’t have. Here you can find which gates the airlines uses.

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Thanks all ! 🤗


You can find your flight on Flightaware and it will show your flight’s gate.

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Or you just type the flight number for your flight (only if you fly a real flight) into google and the gates which are used in real life will be shown:

Example for flight LH450

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I often check out the previous flight‘s replay on Flightradar24 where I am able to (in most cases) see the used parking position. Another option is a look at the airport’s departure board for the departure gate assignment.

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