Choose my next Ultra long haul flight

EGLL-NZAA. Not a realistic flight but it’s really long. Around 19-21 hours.

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You should join this group event:

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Try ZBAA to SBGR with a fuel stopover in LEBL. It is a real-life flight that takes about 22-25 hours and is pretty fun!

There are some awesome long hauls from Moscow Sheremetyevo in the Nordwind 777-200ER, all around the 13hr mark. Destinations include:



Jakarta, Indonesia to Bogotá, Colombia

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Highly recommended LTFM- SVMI. Fantastic Scenery flying over Europe, parts of the Caribbean and a beautiful approach into SVMI

Paris LFPG to Tahiti NTAA

Dubai to Houston, beast of a flight!

London to Sydney. I think its gonna be operated on the Qantas a350 but the first non stop flight was on the 787-9. I think its around 19hrs!

Project Sunrise 😉

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Sydney - Londres with a a380

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Imagine flying from Auckland-Hong Kong-Seol-Lax-Rsw
In 2 or 3 days lot of flying and serious jet lag hahaha. 😐😐😐😐

Don’t ever try that just do a non stop from akl-Ord-rsw.

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