Choose my next Ultra long haul flight

I’ve done so many flights and i cant think what flight to do next and i thought maybe if i do a long haul but not only a long haul a ultra long haul flight . so feel free to choose my next flight ;)

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New York JFK to LaGuardia but you fly east, doesn’t get much longer than that


Newark to Singapore. 😉


Yeah that flight is Ultra long is crazy

how long is the flight?

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Which one?

kewr to wsss

It says 18 hours and 40 mins but probably less

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17 hours its really long

No worries it is early departure time

If you go like east bound it might be quicker due to jet streams up pacific

or do WSSS-KJFK since SIA is actually doing that route instead of EWR

Really I was thinking up north to Canada then the arctic the Russia the bound to Singapore

Just a suggestion

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I know but I do not plan on changing

Around this flight path they go can be quicker although 17 hours is still long

Ok I will think about it want to sign up?

ran is coming :D

i might do dubai to los Angeles

KEWR-WSSS longest flight in the world