Choose my next event location (part 2)

Please take note that it could take some time before creating the event. I mean… after the poll, the event will not be public immediatly (like a month and a half as much)

All of those are really underrated
  • Tijuana (MMTJ)
  • Panamá (MPTO)
  • Lima (SPJC)
  • Bogotá (SKBO)
  • Toulouse (LFBO)
  • Brasilia (SBBR)

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Thank you :)


I find it quite cool with how Tijuana is squished between the border, take a look at it on google maps/earth!

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Dang that’s quite a while ahead!

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Don’t forget to vote :)

Come on everyone… you know you want to choose Tijuana.

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Don’t forget to vote! At the end I have a surprise :)

Voting time ends tomorrow :)

Looks like it’s closed. But… here is the funny thing: the most underrated airport will be my next event location. So Lima will be the next location after a delayed London City. Thanks for voting

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