Choose my next device I can play infinite flight with

Choose my next device but not phones only iPads or tablets :)

I’m not going to choose your next device… But I’ll refer you to an amazing thread made by our community to inform you of the pros and cons of each device when it comes to playing Infinite Flight. It’s your device and you should make the decision based on the information provided in the thread as well as using your best judgement.

Read Here:

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. The community is always willing to help each other out! Best of luck!


It depends what kind of budget you have, tell me and I’ll find you an iPad.

I love the iPad mini (the new one). It’s tiny, but not too small. It’s not to pricey, but it’s apple ;). You can fly with all settings on the highest possible. Plus it’s light and compact so you can fly wherever you are. Sounds like an advert 😅

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I recommend the New iPad 8th Generation, work perfect in High settings

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We suggest you choose your own device.