Choccymilk's ATC Tracking Thread - [closed] @ n/a

So i i could edit my last thread so i created this one
so if you could flag it would be appreciated

Hey this is going to be my ATC tracking thread and please note I’m not trying to get into IFATC, yet. I am using this to learn how to use ATC and have fun 🙂

                           **using runwawys 1L/R and 28L/R**

Your favourite drink hopefullyChoccymilk


Delicious choc cumulé. I’ll come by. Also, PM a mod, they’ll thanos snap it out of existence

haha. sweet as chocolate

Swinging by!

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Alrighty well then. My feedback -

I was in an F22 which is incapable of performing a pushback so the correct response would just be taxi to runway [intert runway here]

Also when I requested to taxi you gave me runway 16R when I could of been given 07 which was way more convenient and then switch my runway to 16L to avoid any crossing of the runway traffic if someone were to land.

You kept me on 16R on a left traffic which kind of blocked 16L since my downwind leg was over that active runway. You could of changed me to 16L and had nothing to worry about and another runway in use.

I was on my base leg when you told me to enter right downwind for 16R and I was doing my circuits with a left traffic which I was confused about since I didn’t need a traffic entry and there wasn’t a reason for it and I was on the other side.

The option clearances were a bit late to be sent but they can be sent before I cross the threshold but with the amount of traffic I could of been cleared earlier. ( Just being picky )

And my exit command was sent late as well.

My advise to you is to seek a trainer as it helped and is helping me out tremendously if you haven’t already. Trust me it was the best thing I’ve done all year. 😂


sorry, ill keep that in mind next time cheers!

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All good all good it’s great to see you’ve opened up a tracking thread as feedback is also very useful! You can also apply for a trainer here

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probably going to open somewhere any suggestions?

Chocolate Milk Country… that’s not a real wold place… hmm… let’s establish a new nation 🎉

On a more serious note, I’d suggest Denver, San Diego, Singapore or maybe opt for Chocolate Milk… it’s still not a place…, umm, Miami is always nice 😊

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Hey mate, I’ll come on by. My callsign is D-3CO. I’ll do some patterns and provide you some feedback afterwards.

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ummm can we? lets find a random island in infinite flight and claim it for the soverien nation of choccy milk. im open at pheonix

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changed to sfo

thsnks ot those who came

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