Choccymilks ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @n/a - written passed

this is my tracking thread on my way to IFATC and i would like your help to come to the airports i open up. when i do open up i would like you to be compliant and generate difficult scenarios by say taking a little longer getting off the runway or request a runway channge. i am going to mainly do parallel runways until my trainer is 100% sure im ready to move on so if you know any nice parallel runways tell me :))

Runways in use: 

please send constructive feed back by telling me what i did wrong in that situation and why and what i could do to improve. thank you and i hope to see you in the sky soon


Hey, I was NR8K. Here is my feedback:

  • look at the aircraft. Mine hadn’t pushback so don’t issue a pushback clearance and just clear me for taxi. It’s a error seen often

  • the landing/ option clearance was given a bit late (too late). Since I was the only traffic in the pattern you could send it after I turned to downwind

  • make sure to learn the legs of pattern because after I asked for a runway change you gave me the wrong downwind and cleared me for the wrong runway.

  • you used „extend upwind“ very good but could also tell me „enter right downwind 26L“ so I would turn right and make space for the departing traffic

  • after I asked for a departure to the west you handled everything very well! + transition was given on the right height! Nice job!

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Just got 100% I’m sooo happy

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Exquisite work Fynn. Good luck for your practical!


thank you josh :)))

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open newark liberty

I am coming now

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Red Cap 540 here,

  • I taxied through the grass twice and you didn’t catch it
  • you had some slow responses
  • you game me a pattern entry after my first take off, that wasn’t needed
  • I didn’t request a runway change and you game me a new runway
  • say UNABLE next time if you aren’t allowing runway changes instead of clearing me for a runway. Pattern entries come before the clearance
  • and you gave me a double clearance when J air changed runways.
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sorry i changed your runway as im trying to get more practice on parallel runways i really didnt wanna use rnwy11 hence why i didnt put it in the runways in use
but yes some of my respones are slow because i dont know where some of the commands are off by heart
im sorry i didnt realise about the double clearance

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You closed on me! Sorry, I was trying to come back in but got caught up in approach at JFK because I was in there airspace. That’s my bad, not your fault at all! So, your ground skills. First of all, I am very impressed with your written test! I’m in the training process as well so I’m not going to say stuff I don’t know but I did things that I got caught up on with my training practices I’ve done this far that I think everyone should know.

#1: An F-22 cannot pushback. When I asked for pushback, you have it to me. Just tell me to taxi if I cannot pushback

#2: I was never taxiing in a taxiway and thus a “this is not a taxiway” command should have been used. The airspace wasn’t extremely busy.

#3: I asked for frequency change to tower and you gave me the “Please do not send duplicate messages command.” You caught my mistake but the “You were already instructed to change frequency” command should have been used instead.

Just work on these small things and your ground work should be set!

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