Choccymilk’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @n/a

come to YSSY

im going to try go for IFATC anyone know who to message?

Hey! Take a look at this,

I’ll come along for some patterns 👍🏻

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Hey @Choccymilk,

I was G-RY4N, Some feedback is that. You cleared Me for the option really late and never gave me sequencing. So I was “Number 2 cleared for the option, Runway 30L.”
It should have really been “Number 2 cleared for the option runway 30L, Traffic to follow is on Final

Anyway, Apart from that you did a good job and I wish you luck with IFATC 👍🏻

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Hi, I was the Cessna Citation X and you did some mistakes.

I was behind G-RY4N and you only told me to « extend downwind ». You should have told me: « XX, number 2, traffic to follow is on left downwind ».

Anyway, you did a good job but you should practice on sequencing.

Good luck 😉

Yes, Practise working on your sequencing, Anyway You did correct yourself finally but well done 👍🏻

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He’s still open?

I do not know, It still says open so I guess so?

I’ll check that

EDIT: No, it’s closed

@Choccymilk Make sure to put closed in the title 👍🏻

sorry @Ryan_1872 and @TheKnP_KK i had to leave quickly and forgot about my thread. thankyou for coming and sequencing will definitely be my focus next time :)

No Problem, And good luck with IFATC, I am waiting on the Written test link 🙏🏻

i am open again!

im going to wait a little bit till im more reliable

Come to Dubai

Observed At: 2019-07-20T01:53:00.000Z Altimeter: 1011.82mb (29.88hg) Dew Point: 21 �C (70 �F) Temperature: 32 �C (90 �F) Visibility: 10 miles (16,100 meters) Winds: 160 degrees at 11kts Flight Rules: VFR


BKN Broken at 30000ft, and in meters, 9144

still here forgot about my ipad for a bit

Observed At: 2019-07-20T23:00:00.000Z Altimeter: 1017.92mb (30.06hg) Dew Point: 18 �C (64 �F) Temperature: 19 �C (66 �F) Visibility: Greater than 6 miles (10,000+ meters) Winds: 290 degrees at 6kts Flight Rules: VFR


Sky Clear

come down and relive some preglobal memories

thanks to who ever came san clemete got packed out pretty quickly and im sorry if i didnt give you a right traffic or gave you one when you didnt need one i got overwhelmed but i feel like i did get into a groove