Choccymilk’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @n/a

Hey this is going to be my ATC tracking thread and please note I’m not trying to get into IFATC, yet. I am using this to learn how to use ATC and have fun 🙂


Your favourite drink hopefullyChoccymilk


I am open
Airport: KDEN
Server : Training Server
Frequencies: tower and ground

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Tracking threads are only allowed for IFATC training

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Oh sorry I thought you could if you weren’t IFATC but it just wasn’t advised if you weren’t in IFATC

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Just closed KDEN
now tower at JFK


Hello just some friendly advice check out point two on the thread below!

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I don’t recommend KJFK.Try a less busier airport so you can focus on the ones fly patterns for you


A mate is on approach and we’re just having fun

I might change to a different airport any airports you suggest

I won’t be there but YSSY

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It looks like someone is already there

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What about YAYE

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Just opened at
Tower ground
Landing runways
18R and 18C
Taking off runways
18L and 18C

@alphabravo6 is atc at KSSC just south of anyone wants to do a short flight with ATC

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Closed for now

@Choccymilk Thanks for controlling! Overall, you did a nice job. However, I do have a couple of pointers for you:

When someone requests a runway change (or if you want them to switch runways), the first thing to do is to give them a pattern entry (enter downwind, base, or straight-in) for the new runway. Only after you’ve given them a pattern entry is when you clear them for the option/landing. In my specific case, the correct order of commands would’ve been, ”Enter right downwind runway 18R”, followed by “No 1, cleared for the option runway 18R, after the option, make [left/right] traffic”.
This same rule applies for aircraft that are arriving from other airports. For example, if I had departed from KATL and called inbound saying I wanted to land at KCLT, the first thing you should do is give me a pattern entry (“enter straight-in”, “enter base”, or “enter downwind”). Then after that, you can clear me for landing.

Second thing: for the “cleared for the option” command, you told me to “make right traffic” with every single clearance you gave. You should NOT say “make [left/right] traffic” after every single time you clear me for the option. In my specific case, you’d only use it if…

  1. It is the first time you’re clearing me for the option on that runway. (For instance, if I was doing patterns on 18C, but then decide to switch my runway to 18R. Since I’ve moved runways, you’ll need to tell me which direction I need to go once I takeoff again - left or right.)
  2. You want me to stop making right traffic and switch to left traffic, or vice versa.

This means that the only times you should have said “make [left/right] traffic” were:

  • In the takeoff command,
  • and the very first clearance you gave me for 18R.

That’s it. So all the other times you said “make [left/right] traffic” we’re not necessary.

I hope you found this helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions or need clarification with anything. I’m always happy to help!

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just opened up monterey just south of san fransico

just opened up Boeing field

Hi there, i dropped in at KBFI when you were open and you controlling skills are alright. I meant looks as you have only just started the process of controlling. I recommend that you watch some videos on Infinite Flight Youtube channel with tutorials on how to control. These videos are very helpful so I recommend to watch.


cheers, i will definitely have a look at them and thanks for coming hope to see you in the sky again