Choccymilk’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @n/a

just opened up Boeing field

Hi there, i dropped in at KBFI when you were open and you controlling skills are alright. I meant looks as you have only just started the process of controlling. I recommend that you watch some videos on Infinite Flight Youtube channel with tutorials on how to control. These videos are very helpful so I recommend to watch.


cheers, i will definitely have a look at them and thanks for coming hope to see you in the sky again

come to YSSY

im going to try go for IFATC anyone know who to message?

Hey! Take a look at this,

I’ll come along for some patterns 👍🏻

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Hey @Choccymilk,

I was G-RY4N, Some feedback is that. You cleared Me for the option really late and never gave me sequencing. So I was “Number 2 cleared for the option, Runway 30L.”
It should have really been “Number 2 cleared for the option runway 30L, Traffic to follow is on Final

Anyway, Apart from that you did a good job and I wish you luck with IFATC 👍🏻

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Hi, I was the Cessna Citation X and you did some mistakes.

I was behind G-RY4N and you only told me to « extend downwind ». You should have told me: « XX, number 2, traffic to follow is on left downwind ».

Anyway, you did a good job but you should practice on sequencing.

Good luck 😉

Yes, Practise working on your sequencing, Anyway You did correct yourself finally but well done 👍🏻

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He’s still open?

I do not know, It still says open so I guess so?

I’ll check that

EDIT: No, it’s closed

@Choccymilk Make sure to put closed in the title 👍🏻

sorry @Ryan_1872 and @TheKnP_KK i had to leave quickly and forgot about my thread. thankyou for coming and sequencing will definitely be my focus next time :)

No Problem, And good luck with IFATC, I am waiting on the Written test link 🙏🏻

i am open again!

im going to wait a little bit till im more reliable

Come to Dubai

Observed At: 2019-07-20T01:53:00.000Z Altimeter: 1011.82mb (29.88hg) Dew Point: 21 �C (70 �F) Temperature: 32 �C (90 �F) Visibility: 10 miles (16,100 meters) Winds: 160 degrees at 11kts Flight Rules: VFR


BKN Broken at 30000ft, and in meters, 9144

still here forgot about my ipad for a bit