Chitown Spotting @ORD 8/7/19 Part 2

Hello IFC
Welcome back to my Chicago Spotting thread part 2 of 3. Here are more shots Featuring regional planes and a United 772 arriving from Paris.

American Eagle CRJ-700

United Express CRJ-700

American Eagle ERJ175

A Skybest CRJ-200

United triple seven arriving from CDG

United Express CRJ-700

United Express CRJ-700 on final with some dramatic clouds in the back

United 737-800 on Final

United Express ERJ 145XR

United Express CRJ-200 on Final

Camera: Canon EOS rebel t4i 75-300 mm lens


Part 1: Chitown Spotting @ ORD 8/7/19 Part 1
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Awesome buddy 😎


Thank you!

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You’re welcome Keep it up πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ’šcan’t wait to see more

Love your pictures! Keep up the great work ;)

I also love the United CRJ-700s, flew on one last year from Vancouver to San Francisco and was near the engine so the sounds were great!

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I think you meant to say Skywest not skybest. Great pictures though!

Nope, I meant to say Skybest because Skywest is the best

Ahhh ok. Have you flown skybest before?

Thanks!! havent flown on a crj-700 in 5 years.

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yes, Skywest is basically the operater for Dekta connection, American Eagle, and United Express

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Great pictures! I really love your photos! I’ve never even heard of Skybest before πŸ˜‚ joke

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lol πŸ˜‚ thanks!!

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Yikes that Skywest angle though

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lol that is kinda of a steep angle

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