Chitown is the best town @KORD

Well hello there,

This is my first post in the category, but definitely not my first time spotting. In fact I probably know the roads around the airport than my neighborhood streets.

Did anyone order a Pepsi?

No Pepsi. How about some Guinness instead?

China Eastern from Shanghai Pudong

Coming in from the Land of the Rising Sun

Honestly I don’t remember where this 788 was coming from. @ORD777flyer

After taking aLOT of photos I called it quits.

Samsung Note 8

I know definitely not the best camera

I tend to post more plane photos frequently on Instagram.


Well that’s a wrap on my first spotting topic. I hope you enjoyed it.


Awesome post. Was it the FCO flight?

Love the shots! I connected through O’Hare for the first time on May 30th! Was honestly the most enjoyable experience I had when it came to planespotting. Gotta love that beautiful approach into ORD too ❤️.


I love the American 787! Awesome pictures!


I think you are probably right. If not Rome than probably DFW.

Your picture is amazing, O’Hare is a behemoth from the sky. I can even see where I was spotting from. Glad you enjoyed ORD when you visited.

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You’re supposed to joke about delays with LOT (Least on Time, or Later or Tomorrow), but I’ll let it slide. Nice shots! I started at that exact same spot too (the warehouse on York road)

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Good pics but you are on the wrong side of town like being a cubs fan instead of a white sox

I love the White sox. We all know they are the better team.

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AHAHAH nice one. I don’t follow a lot of baseball, but if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that both Sox teams (Red Sox and White Sox) suck

I smell a secret Cubs fan.

Very cool photos

No, just a north sider

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Well thank you, much appreciated.

Oh cool, I’m a South Sider.

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