Chinese Pilot Grounded After Picture of Woman in Flight Deck Goes Viral

Well, I think you would want a pilot that has strict training over a pilot that has really loose training. Yes, sometimes being too strict on pilots can be bad, but having a pilot that has strict training may be better so they know what they are doing

That I also agree with, some of their regulations are really strict. They have lead to some really bad repercussions. like what happened in 1989, alright its true though In turn which led to even stricter regulations.

Trainings should be strict. But I was talking about regulations and SOPs. Many flights spent more than 30 mins waiting on ground for clearance because due to large separation requirement.


How large? Like a 30 nm separation or something?

Well it’s complicated. The airspace for commercial flights are limited since there are a lot of restricted areas. Controllers used to offset filghts on the same route same altitude for 10nm because of it, and the separations could be 18 to 20nm, or longer.

Its not. In 1994, Aeroflot 593 (An A310-304 from Moscow to Kai Tak) crashed into the Kuznetsk Alatau Mountain range because the Captain’s friend was watching his children, and he let them enter the flight deck. At first, he his daughter sit in the left seat, and he changed the AP Heading so it seemed to her that she was turning the plane. But then, his 14 y/o son wanted a turn, and pulled hard enough to disable the AP and bank the plane. The plane then entered a corkscrew dive, and once the FO recovered, they were to low and crashed into a mountain.

There is no reason stuff like this should still be happening.


In China, the civil aviation regulations r really strict. Always the serious punishment when u break one of those regulations. I think Air Guilin did the right thing on this!

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Wow, I can’t believe this. All over a picture. I agree that it was a real danger for a pilot to let the woman in, but grounded for life whether as a pilot or passenger?!

Was that the A310 with the kid who was at the controls? Decent summary @KennedyTurner did you see The Flight Channel’s recreation of it?


Yes sir, I saw it!

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About the passenger part, China has some non-flying related reasons for banning someone from flying, as a consequence of being placed on some kind of antitrust list.

TBH I don’t know. This also reminds me of another incident. Air Canada was fined because a gate agent was sloppy and not giving full translation of boarding announcements in French (Incidentally I’ve heard this happen as well). I don’t see in these incidents how the company has direct responsibility. The airline fired the pilot which is the most action they could have taken. I mean all pilots are told that no strangers are allowed in the cockpit.

@NeperQiell @Luke_King-kong,
Sorry, to elaborate, the pilot let his son into the cockpit and let his son full control of the aircraft. (Sorry, should have elaborated)

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Thats Aeroflot 593 mate

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Sorry, bout that. The one I gave was about the TCAS vs ATC. whoops!

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